Honduran Charter Cities Trample on Democracy   Leave a comment

I’ve written a blog for the Independent on the latest anti-democractic move from the global elite. This time, the Honduran government have decided that new cities cannot possibly be built without the suspension of democracy. You can read it here:



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Let’s have an honest discussion about drug use….   Leave a comment

I wrote a bog entry for the Independent on drug use this week which seems to have caused quite a stir!

You can read it here:


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Drugs and Morality: An interview with Roger Howard   3 comments

I was lucky enough to interview Roger Howard, CEO, UK Drugs Policy Commission last week. You can read the interview write up here: http://www.thefreesociety.org/Articles/Features/morality-and-the-law-an-interview-with-the-uk-drug-policy-commission

We will be discussing drugs and morality at the Battle of Ideas festival in two weekends time, I look forward to continuing the debate…

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The London Riots   Leave a comment

The London riots were not inspired by social media. Nor are the rioters the young black men of the 1980s responding to institutional racism. Few rioters beyond Tottenham would justify their actions in the name of Mark Duggan, the man shot by the police some days ago. Instead the London rioters of 2011 are bored, individualised young men, taking advantage of a climate in which adults are too scared to challenge them. A rather less inspiring proposition, but one that fits with the ‘jilted generation’ ethos and widespread erosion of adult authority.

The rest of this post can be read here:


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Alcohol, Feminism and Freedom   Leave a comment

This article was written for the Free Society in November 2008, you can see the rest of this post here:


Since when have women not been able to make up their minds whether to accept a drink or not? Proposed government policy aimed at reducing the amount of alcohol that women in particular drink suggests that it should be illegal for bars to give women free drinks

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Slut Walk Sucks   Leave a comment

This article was written in May 2011 for Free Society.

More backward even than the opinion of Michael Sanguinette – the Toronto police officer said that women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised – is surely the founding of Slut Walk.

You can find the rest of this post here: http://www.thefreesociety.org/Articles/Comment/slut-walk-sucks

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Don’t Shout At The Telly! Booze Bans   Leave a comment

I was invited along to speak to a group of young people about booze bans. You can watch it here:


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