Government should persuade us to support the Lisbon treaty – not tell us it is none of our business   Leave a comment

First published in March 2008 for Open Democracy.

Following last Wednesday’s demonstration outside Parliament for a referendum on the EU constitution (Lisbon Treaty), by the aptly named ‘I want a referendum’ campaign group, debate continues this week in Parliament over whether the new treaty should be put to referendum or not – finishing in a vote tomorrow.In 2005, shortly after the French and Dutch rejected the EU constitution in a referendum, all parties promised the UK a referendum as well. But now, some three years later, Labour are arguing that the Lisbon treaty is substantially different from the 2005 constitution and so no referendum is necessary. They maintain that Parliament should have the final say, while the Tories, along with a number of Liberal and Labour MP’s continue to push for a referendum on the basis that the 2005 and 2008 EU constitutions are almost identical.

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Posted February 4, 2011 by suzydean in Constitutional Reform

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