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Alcohol, Feminism and Freedom   Leave a comment

This article was written for the Free Society in November 2008, you can see the rest of this post here:

Since when have women not been able to make up their minds whether to accept a drink or not? Proposed government policy aimed at reducing the amount of alcohol that women in particular drink suggests that it should be illegal for bars to give women free drinks


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Don’t Shout At The Telly! Booze Bans   Leave a comment

I was invited along to speak to a group of young people about booze bans. You can watch it here:

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Ignoring the social benefits of drinking   Leave a comment

This article was first published with the Independent and then re-printed in Counterpunch, in October 2010

“Awareness raising” has become a common objective for health campaigns concerned about the dangers of alcohol. The gruesome Drinkaware television adverts and the NHS-sponsored posters are a case in point. They deface the back of every pub toilet door with a clear anti-drinking message. According to them, drinking alcohol leads to unprotected sex, violence and vomit (for the teenagers) and heart disease, liver failure and missed workdays (for the grown-ups).

There is a problem with this.

You can read the rest of this article here:


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War on alcohol threatens individual freedom   Leave a comment

This article was first published for the Free Society in August 2008

With the summer holidays in full swing, the government’s attention has predictably turned to teenage drinking. Following a ‘successful’ pilot in West Lothian where a ban on selling alcohol to under 21’s at the weekends was implemented, the ‘Changing Scotland’s Relationship with Alcohol’ consultation paper suggested that a blanket ban on selling any alcohol to under 21’s become law across Scotland.

The rest of this article can be found here:

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Raising a glass to freedom of choice   Leave a comment

This aticle was first published in June 2008 for Spiked Online

Within days of London mayor Boris Johnson’s announcement that, from 1 June, drinking alcohol would be banned on the Tube, London buses, Docklands Light Railway and tram services and stations across the capital, plans for a final party became the subject of water-cooler chatter and Facebook discussions.

The party, which took place on the London Underground on Saturday night, just hours before the ban came into force, was not a celebration that ‘went too far’, as some media reports claim. It looked to me like a loud demonstration of people’s pissed-offness with an establishment that has taken yet another opportunity to tell us how to behave.

The rest of this article can be read here:

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There are weird men out there…..   Leave a comment

First published for Spiked-Online in November 2006.

According to campaign groups like Women Against Rape, more young women, and increasingly men, are waking up after a blurred night of passion and telling themselves their drink must have been spiked. Sharon Hawkins from West Cumbria Rape Crisis Centre said the number of people contacting them about ‘drug rape’ had increased significantly over the past few years.

After years of campaigning against drug-rape, and the drugs allegedly associated with it, it now appears that the problem is not grounded in reality. A new study from the Association of Chief Police Officers……

The rest of this article can be viewed here:

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