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Alcohol, Feminism and Freedom   Leave a comment

This article was written for the Free Society in November 2008, you can see the rest of this post here:

Since when have women not been able to make up their minds whether to accept a drink or not? Proposed government policy aimed at reducing the amount of alcohol that women in particular drink suggests that it should be illegal for bars to give women free drinks


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Slut Walk Sucks   Leave a comment

This article was written in May 2011 for Free Society.

More backward even than the opinion of Michael Sanguinette – the Toronto police officer said that women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimised – is surely the founding of Slut Walk.

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Dati and the morality of working mums   Leave a comment

This article was first published for Spiked-Online in Jan 2009

Debate about whether working mums or stay-at-home mums are doing the best by their children got a new airing when French justice minister Rachida Dati recently returned to work just five days after giving birth to her first child by caesarean section. Since walking back into the Élysée Palace on 7 January, Dati, known for her sharp tongue and killer heels, has been the source of feverish moralising in the French and UK media alike. While some have celebrated her as a Superwoman, others denounced her as a Bad Mother – and a bad example to other women.

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