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Went to the G20, shouted loudly, got the T-shirt. Er, that’s about it   Leave a comment

First published in May 2009 for The Times

Dunno, really” was the reply I got when I asked a fellow protester at the G20 demonstrations last month why he had come out on the streets. It wasn’t the most auspicious start to a conversation, particularly when you’re supposed to be standing shoulder-to-shoulder demonstrating for a better future while surrounded by police in riot gear.

Other platitudes followed: “I think there should be less poverty and we should look after the planet more…” These generalised moans are fine as a bit of pub philosophy but hardly clear political demands. In fact, what is so striking about recent “anti-capitalist” demonstrations is the absence of a shared purpose

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On the biggest issue of the day Generation Y is being ignored   Leave a comment

First publshed on the Independent Blog in October 2008

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