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I am a regular Five Live Forum panellist (Kate Silverton show) and have  spoken on the following topics:

24/04/2011 – The royal wedding and the Olympics

06/03/2011- Schools and the UK space programme

13/02/2011- Marriage and role models

02/01/2011- Free schools and bankers pay

28/11/2010- The right to die (euthenasia) and body image

03/10/2010 – The Commonwealth and House of Lords reforms

12/09/2010 – The UN and role of the Pope and Catholicism in society

25/07/2010 – Parliamentary recess and Trident

11/07/2010 – Women in parliament

I have also spoken on:

08/03/2011 – Radio 5 Tony Livesey- International Womens Day

30/09/2009- Radio 5 The Richard Bacon Show – Modern day feminism

04/06/2008- Radio 4 The Moral Maze -Binge drinking

23/06/2008-  City Talk 105.9 – Ethical shopping

19/02/2008- City Talk 105.9- Compulsory voting


Posted February 3, 2011 by suzydean

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